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12 Steps to Better Security in Houses of Worship

Book and Free Coaching

Marc Siegel has been giving free coaching to houses of worship for developing comprehensive risk, security, and emergency management plans.  He writes:  “I have a book out on 7 December on “Preventing and Managing Violence in Organizations” and am working on a simple “12 Steps to Better Security in Houses of Worship” which I plan to give away for free.  What I am finding at some houses of worship is that they react to every spectacular incident but have not done an comprehensive plan to deal with day-to-day risks.  It also seems many organizations just think it is possible to buy some equipment and the security problem is resolved.”

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Dr. Marc H. Siegel, Director

Global Security and Resilience Projects, Homeland Security Graduate Program, San Diego State University



Active Shooter training:

If it’s a Sheriff contract city, contact Lt. Damon Blankenbaker – If it is the City of San Diego – contract Carey Brooks at the Police Department, .

Joshua DaFoe runs all the active shooter training for the San Diego Police Department.  He offers consultation and guidance related to all mass threat and active shooter training.   Sergeant Joshua DaFoe, San Diego Police Department, Mass Threat Unit, 3940 Federal Blvd., San Diego, CA, 92102, (619) 446-1012.

Active Shooter Resources from Kelly Wilson, Protective Security Advisor-San Diego District, US Department of Homeland Security, Office of Infrastructure Protection, Region IX, 619-772-8173, Kelly.wilson@hq.dhs.govclick here.






Church Active Shooter Resources

Church Group training public   this is a power point

Run, Hide, Fight Video – Link to our page

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.