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Red Cross Spiritual Care Program

Red Cross LogoThe Red Cross of San Diego and Imperial Counties is offering a spiritual care program for interested volunteers.

The program has three levels of participation:

You can apply for participation at http://www.TinyUrl.Com/Spiritual-Care and you can learn more about the American Red Cross disaster response efforts at


The Handy Red Guide to Recovery

The Red Guide to Recovery is book of resources and tools to help you prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters of all sorts.

Visit their site at like the What To Do in the First 24 Hours and the Family Inventory Planning Worksheet or the Family Emergency Plan you can download and print for your use.

When first responders and emergency personnel leave the scene of a disaster, the survivors often make ill-informed decisions that can have serious long term effects. The Red Guide to Recovery was created to assist the disaster survivor by making available a single source of pertinent, easy to read disaster recovery information that will walk them step-by-step through the recovery process while raising awareness of the many pitfalls that may present themselves in post disaster scenarios. This award winning book can also be used for training on disaster preparedness, business continuity, contingency planning, and complement any disaster preparedness kit. The thought here is that if people understand what is involved in the recovery process, they will be more resilient and better prepared in the event of a disaster.

You can purchase the e-Book version of the Red Guide to Recovery from Barnes and Noble for $9.99.