About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the San Diego Interfaith Disaster Council (IDC) is to support the development of faith-based preparedness, response and recovery to disasters in San Diego County that is coordinated and integrated with the efforts of other responding agencies.

Who We Are and What We Offer

The Interfaith Disaster Council is made up of various faith centers and houses of worship within San Diego County.

The Interfaith Disaster Council offers hands-on, interactive training and networking opportunities, that help partners prepare for emergencies and develop an understanding of their role in disaster response coordination throughout the region.

IDC participants have the opportunity to share best practices and identify areas where they can support disaster response and recovery in the region.


The Interfaith Disaster Council seeks to provide disaster preparedness and response education and support to all faith centers in San Diego County, by:

  • Assisting with the development of emergency response plans for each faith center, including continuity of operations.
  • Encourage faith centers to promote the development of personal disaster plans by faith center members and the community.
  • Identifying interfaith capabilities and available resources to support a regional disaster response effort. Ensure the County of San Diego Office of Emergency Services (OES) and local jurisdictions have an understanding of these capabilities.
  • Holding networking and training events to develop new capabilities and support relationship-building between members (a primary support element for the network).
  • Making resiliency an integral component of faith community preparedness and response efforts.
  • Establishing a¬†communication system between each faith center and its congregation and community, between the faith centers and the IDC, and between the IDC and OES or other local responders.¬† Seek to have this system be regional, and capable of real time communication when internet and phone systems are inoperative.
  • Working closely with County OES, Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) faith-based committee and other agencies to avoid duplication of effort and assist with the most effective coordination possible.
  • Sharing information, and advocating where necessary, with other agencies and groups, about differences in faith groups and the need for differential responses that are appropriate to those groups, such as, for example, food requirements, keeping females separate from males, language issues, or cultural issues.
  • Seeking the active involvement of the clergy associations in the outreach to the faith centers, and support collaboration with local Community Emergency Response Teams, town councils and similar groups.


The guide team:
  • Ensures the long term viability and effectiveness of IDC
  • Provides for the overall accomplishment of IDC goals and activities
  • Manages participant meetings (develop agendas, email agendas and meeting announcements, chair, take meeting minutes)
  • Accesses the needed expertise to provide trainings
  • Helps open doors for outreach and engagement
  • Helps identify and access sources for any needed financial support
  • Designates a representative for IDC at VOAD meetings

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